[mythtv] What other people tell me about CC...

Linuxguy123 linuxguy123 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 16:47:41 UTC 2008

An anonymous coward sent me this...  comments below.

On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 4:35 AM, Linuxguy123 <linuxguy123 at gmail.com>
> > a) I want to talk about modifying and benchmarking code.  This is
> > clearly a dev issue, not a user issue.
> This would be, if certain other steps have been done. Namely looking
> at the code, or even running the software once or twice, or
> researching the options out there to fix it...

It doesn't matter if I have run the code or not.  I want to ask the
developer group a development question about the code and I wanted to
share USER comments with the development group.

Do you think the USER group can answer my question about code
profiling ?   Do you think a USER would even know what code profiling
is ?

Do you think the USER group needs to hear how the USER group feels about
the developers ?   Nope.  The developers need to hear how the USER group
feels about things.

> > b) The feedback I relayed in this specific thread was directed to
> > developers.
> Mythtv has been stated as 'By Developers, For Developers'. It's not
> that we don't care, but it's all our free time. It's not costing them
> anything to run or use, they should have no expectations from us.

Gee, I wonder why open source software isn't more accepted by mainstream
computer users ?

Keep up with that attitude and you are going to have a forked project on
your hands.  How about a mythtv "for the general public" ?
> > Is it me or is there a real developer attitude on this project ?
> So some random guy comes onto our list, first thing he does is admit
> he never has even ran our software, nor looked at the code, but heard
> from some people that our channel changing sucks and he wants us to
> give him detailed information on how to fix it... 

Yeah.  Its called not accepting the status quo.   

"detailed information" ?   Are you kidding me ?  Thus far I have asked
what the call stack looks like and if anyone has profiled the code.
The dev group has spend FAR, FAR more time complaining and resisting my
efforts than it has helping with the provision of information.  

Honestly, that's
> expecting a metric ton from a bunch of volunteers who have lives
> outside of the project, and when he was told as such, he gets pissy
> and refuses to take it to the proper mailing list...

a) The proper mailing list is DEV, not USER.  PERIOD.  *YOU* might not
like that, and if so, ignore the topic.  This is a DEVELOPMENT effort,
not a USER effort, even if it does turn out that the development is
required in the USER guide, rather than in code.

b) We are all volunteers and we all have lives outside the project.   Do
you want MORE developers working on mythtv or less ?  If you want MORE
help then I suggest you learn how to play nicely when someone NEW asks a
few developer questions. Have I asked anyone to change a single line of
code ?  Nope.

> I think it's you.

Yeah, I'm the problem.  Even though there are tons of posts about CC
speed before I ever arrived here.   

I'm the messenger, buddy.  I'm the guy telling the group what all the
other people want it to hear.  Whether I am here or not, some people
don't like the channel changing speed using mythtv.  Now maybe you
"mythtv is by developers, for developers" types give a darn about that,
but at least you can be POLITE to people that do.  (BTW: Polite = quiet,
if that is the best you can muster.)

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