[mythtv] What other people tell me about CC...

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Wed Oct 22 02:02:27 UTC 2008

At 7:20 PM -0400 10/21/08, Linuxguy123 wrote:
>On Wed, 2008-10-22 at 11:22 +1100, Bill Williamson wrote:
>> Which split-network-architecture, multiple tuner DVR are you going to
>> compare it to?  
>> Make sure it's a DVR that does not use a fixed size ringbuffer (where
>> you'll lose the ability to rewind to start of play if you're watching
>> an all day cricket match), and that it does not dump that ringbuffer
>> when you change channels.
>> Also make sure that, of all the simple things, you don't have to
>> "rewind" to the beginning of a show in order to "record" a show you
>> were watching on livetv (which rules out all of the topfields I use).
>> Finally, it should be able to save livetv you watched YESTERDAY.  I'll
>> often flip to the news, watch it, and then flip off.  Sometimes I'll
>> hear about something the next day, and want to go back and view the
>> liveTV I'd watched the day before.
>> I don't know of any on the market that support any of these options,
>> which has been explained to you many times as the root cause of the
>> live channel change slowness due to its robustness, but if you do find
>> one let us know!
>So mythtv channel changing isn't slow, but if it is, its because of the
>options it uses to support all the options and flexibility.  I get it.
>Maybe not everyone needs these options.  It sounds like some people just
>want to watch TV.

By all means, go disconnect Myth and watch TV.  Please.


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