[mythtv] CC benchmarks and procedure list ? Was: how would one speed up the channel changing in mythtv ?

Linuxguy123 linuxguy123 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 16:01:25 UTC 2008

Thanks for the replies to my question about speeding up the channel
change, herein referred to a CC.

What gets measured gets fixed.  I haven't looked at the mythtv source
code yet.  Has anyone installed timer stubs to log how long each of the
steps in a channel change takes ?  Do we really know why mythtv is
slow ?

What would the call stack for a channel change look like ?   (What
procedures get called, in what order ?)

People tell me the dvr program changes channels much faster than mythtv.
The Captiveworks CW3000/CW4000 satellite receivers are based on dvr.
They change channels in about 1 second.  How is mythtv different from
dvr and what makes mythtv slower and dvr faster ?

Lest anyone think that it takes special hardware to get fast channel
changes, the CW3000/4000 machines use standard, off the shelf Genpix
receiver modules.


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