[mythtv] How would one speed up the channel changing in mythtv ?

Jon Bishop jon.the.wise.gdrive at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 06:57:25 UTC 2008

On Oct 18, 2008, at 11:45 PM, Duncan Brown wrote:

> Linuxguy123 wrote:
>> I'm thinking of using mythtv as the base for my HTPC FTA satellite
>> receiver.   I've never used mythtv, but I understand its optimized  
>> for
>> PVR functions more than surfing and viewing live TV and as such the
>> channel changing time is a bit long.
>> I'm a software developer.   I'm coming from a world of FTA receivers
>> that change channels in about 1 second.
>> How much work would it be to modify mythtv so that it changed  
>> channels
>> faster ?
>> I understand that the mythtv backend buffers about 5 seconds of the
>> stream before it forwards it to the front end.  Is this the main  
>> reason
>> for the longer channel change times ?
>> What would happen if one decreased the buffer size to nearly zero ?
>> Thanks
> If you had actually read all the posts you were directed to in - 
> users ,
> you'd have realised this is a dead end question

So, not only is it not a Dev priority, but also it is not a dev  
priority to provide assistance and feedback to a dev that IS willing  
to take the time to jump in and try and resolve an issue that has been  
brought up by dozens, if not hundreds of users on the userlist.


Personally, I am unfamiliar with any of the code, and cannot begin to  
provide help, but would think that someone could say a little more  
than, if you had read the whole million and one messages that go on  
and on about slow channel changes you would know that nobody in dev  
cares. Or maybe you meant that the buffer size has little to do with  
the problem... but that wouldn't be clear by the wording of your  

Maybe you could suggest a better question to ask, if the one he asked  
was such a dead end?

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