[mythtv] win32 build script failing

Jonathan Martens jonathan at snetram.nl
Thu Oct 16 15:12:10 UTC 2008

Jonathan Martens wrote:
> buzz wrote:
>>> Anyone has an idea on how to get version.pro properly execute the pwd
>>> command when executing the make process so I can continue without
>>> hacking like this?
>> how about doing this before starting?
>> 1) locate where pwd.exe is.
>> 2) export PATH=$PATH:/blah/folderwithpwd/
> I was thinking somewhere along that line, but I thought the MSys /bin 
> folder already would be in the path environment variable as I can access 
> pwd from any directory within the MSys shell.
> Will try to do this tonight (CET) and see if it brings me any improvement.

Have not build MythTV on Windows for a while but started again the last 
few days and finally resolved the pwd issue.

It seems my path environment for my user did include the PATH to pwd, 
but the system PATH did not. Since the latter seems to be used by the 
build script I ported the PATH settings to the system PATH variable 
which fixed my issues. Posting this as it might be off help to future 

Kind regards,


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