[mythtv] Depreciated calls to MythUIButtonListItem::setImage (MythImage *image, const QString &name="")

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Wed Oct 15 22:37:58 UTC 2008

> Hence, all items are now going through the cache and the cache can be smart
> enough to know if the item is already in the cache, if it needs to be
> loaded, or if it has expired.

 The cache does that now. And once I commit the next set of changes
(next 2 days) it will auto remove images when the source is 
newer than the cached copy, as well as adding the inram cache 
and trimming of that cache if it grows too large. 

> Now, everyone who wants to use the button in the UI is forced to go through
> the cache but it should be as easy as adding a new implementation of the
> cache entry interface to get their items in there.

 All there really needs is a m_Cachable or some such attribute. If not 
cachable just bypass the disk cache, load and don't bother isaving to disk and or ram cache.

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