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> #5443: HD-PVR support
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>  Reporter:  jppoet at gmail.com  |        Owner:  danielk
>     Type:  enhancement       |       Status:  assigned
>  Priority:  minor             |    Milestone:  unknown
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> Changes (by janne):
>  * mlocked:  0 => 1
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>  this is not a discussion platform

John, the way the HDPVR is now setup in Myth, it's considered a non-scanable
device, which is understandable. The older Hauppauge PVR-x50 cards are
considered scanable, which is also understandable, considering they have a
tuner. The problem comes from having both a PVR-x50 and an HDPVR connected
to the same source. This arrangement causes IsProperlyConnected() to return
1 thus preventing mythfilldatabase from updating or adding channels.

Maybe this scanable check should be done at the input level? An S-Video
input on a PVR-x50 isn't scanable, whereas the tuner on the same card is.
However, this sounds difficult to implement. Does this check have to exist
at all?

- Mark.
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