[mythtv] Building with external libraries

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Wed Oct 1 17:49:55 UTC 2008

Colin Guthrie wrote:
> cal wrote:
>> The correct response would be scorn & derision. The update process is trivial (but worth doing I believe). The new high_qual_coeffs.h is 8.8M, so the overall patch runs to 11.5M. Even bzipped, that's not going to sit well on a Trac ticket. C'est la vie.

I patched my local machine to use the new 0.1.4 libraries some months 
back and it's been working fine here.  The CPU load is somewhat higher, 
so it may be worth dropping default quality down a peg or so... (I have 
plenty of CPU so I want max quality, hence the original patch was for 
max quality by default)

I can post a patch if it's not easy to update.  It needs the automake 
file tweaking very slightly to remove some constants which aren't all 
the important. 

> I know that myth makes several, fairly significant modifications to e.g. 
> ffmpeg and that could be fairly good reason to ship a copy of that 
> library (unless the modifications can and should ultimately go upstream? 
> I don't know enough about this bit TBH). But are some of the other 
> libraries (e.g. libsamplerate) shipped in myth absolutely necessary or 
> have they just been included to quell the rising disquiet from community 
> members that complain of "too many dependencies"?

Isaac's opinion has previously been that there should be NO external 
dependencies.  Hence everything has always been imported as an inline 

There is plenty of reasons to discuss either way, however, that's been 
the opinion before and explains the current situation... There are no 
special modifications of libsample rate so changing it to a dynamic 
library would be trivial

Let me know if I need to post a bug with the patch to libsample rate?

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