[mythtv] imdb replacement? themoviedb.org

Bill Stewart wstewart at hgrace.com
Wed Nov 12 04:22:54 UTC 2008

Got a response from Travis Bell at themoviedb.org.

"Once you've released your script send me over a link and I will link it on the website. Using your API key is fine. It's more of a "API key per application" that we're after."

I've got the api key that could be used mythtv in general, I'll try to write a script some in the next week or so, but if someone else is interested or beats me to it, let me know.

I would like some feedback from the myth developers if such a script would be accepted to SVN.  I don't believe there are any "terms of use" concerns as there currently are with imdb.  

I would recommend moving the imdb.pl functions getMovieData and getMovieList to a new file in MythTV/imdb.pm, then having the new script first lookup the movie at themoviedb.org, then fall back to imdb if its not found at themoviedb.org.  The themoviedb.org is growing but doesn't have everything that imdb does.  Eventually the imdb code could be removed entirely.
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  By the way I've signed up for an account and sent them a message asking if all mythtv users could use one api_key and asked if there is any concern over terms of use with mythtv.  I'll poste what they reply with.
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