[mythtv] How to expire recordings

Andreas linuxdreas at dslextreme.com
Sat Nov 8 01:52:54 UTC 2008

Am Mittwoch, 5. November 2008 11:15:51 schrieb Soren Holstebroe:
> > You could put it into whatever class LiveTV is in (either by
> > recording group or autoexpire priority, not sure which is used) so
> > that the expirer treats it like that (removes within 1 day).  But
> > honestly, if you want it expired immediately, why don't you just
> > delete it?
> I appreciate your quick replies.
> Marking the recording as LiveTV would make the recordings show up in
> the LiveTV list, which would be a bit of a mess in my opinion. Also,
> I don't want to delete the recordings, I want to make them first in
> line for deletion when low on disk space. My script uses automatic
> commercial flagging and cutlist generation. The commercial flagging
> is not perfect, so I think it would be nice to have the option to go
> back to the original movie (or whatever recording) and make a better
> cutlist. Perhaps the compression was chosen a bit to high or low and
> I want to go back and retranscode it at a better bitrate.
> BTW does any documentation exists? Truly I can read through the
> source code and even learn something about how the code works, but
> that would also by far be the most time consuming way of solving
> simple development problems like getting and understanding a specific
> setting. The database table descriptions on the mythtv wiki is of
> little use.
> Søren

I am using "Auto expire instead of delete recording". It is a setting in 
the frontend (Setup > TV Settings > General > AutoExpire). The script 
then does some sql like this: "UPDATE recorded SET autoexpire = 
9999,preserve = 0,watched = 1,recgroup = 'Deleted' WHERE chanid 
= '$chanid' AND starttime = '$starttime'" and leaves the actual delete 
job to the backend.


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