[mythtv] How to expire recordings

Soren Holstebroe holstebroe+mythtv at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 18:51:49 UTC 2008

> After a successful transcoding I would like to put the original recordings
>> first in line for autoexpiration. However, I can't find suitable
>> documentation for the recorded* tables. I tried to set the "deletepending"
>> flag to 1, but it didn't seem to have the desired effect. What I will do now
>> is to set "recorded.recpriority" very low (like -50 or maybe a more dynamic
>> "SELECT MIN(recpriority) FROM recorded"), but isn't there a better practice
>> of marking recordings for expiration?
> Couldn't you take a "snapshot" of the rows in question before a file is
> marked as autoexpired.  Then, go into the GUI or mythweb, mark the show
> as autoexpired, and look at the row again, to see what changed?

As I understand it setting autoexpire to true just allow the cleanup script
to delete the recording according to the priority method chosen. Recordings
are only deleted if the available disk space is running below some
threshold, but since I got a copy of exported recordings I want to get rid
of those first. I could probably make these recordings come first in line
for deletion if I set the recording priority lower than any normally expired
recording, marked the recording as watched and in that way manipulating
whatever the deletion priority algorithm looks at, but I think this is
slightly abusing  the intention of the those field, so I could be surprised
by nasty side effects. I was hoping for a "ok to delete this recording"-flag
that the cleanup algorithm consulted when choosing which recordings to
delete first.

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