[mythtv] r18977 mythtv link issue

Mark Spieth mark at digivation.com.au
Wed Nov 5 13:18:25 UTC 2008

not sure if its me but I currently get on r18977

ccache g++  -o mythtv version.o main.o     -L../../libs/libmyth -L../../libs/libmythtv -L../../libs/libavutil -L../../libs/libavcodec -L../../libs/libavformat -L../../libs/libmythdb -L../../libs/libmythui -L../../libs/libmythupnp -lmythtv-0.22 -lmythavformat-0.22 -lmythavutil-0.22 -lmythavcodec-0.22 -lmythupnp-0.22 -lmyth-0.22 -lmythui-0.22 -lfreetype -lz -lmp3lame -L/usr/lib -ldirectfb -lfusion -ldirect -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lXinerama -lXv -lX11 -lXext -lXxf86vm -lXrandr -lXvMCW -lXvMC -lmythdb-0.22 -L../../libs/libmythlivemedia -lmythlivemedia-0.22 -L../../libs/libmythfreemheg -lmythfreemheg-0.22 -lpthread -lGLU -lGL -lQtSql -lQtXml -lQtOpenGL -lQtGui -lQtNetwork -lQtCore
../../libs/libmythtv/libmythtv-0.22.so: undefined reference to `ReceivingSocketAddr'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[3]: *** [mythtv] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/mark/debian/mythtv/mythtv/programs/mythtv'

during the link phase of programs/mythtv

configure is

        ./configure \
                --prefix=/usr \
                --disable-stripping \
                --cpu=pentium3 \
                --extra-cflags=-g \
                --extra-cxxflags=-g \
                --enable-dvb \
                --dvb-path=/lib/modules/`uname -r`/build/include \
                --disable-audio-jack \
                --enable-xvmc \
                --enable-opengl-vsync \
                --with-bindings=perl \
                --enable-libfaad        \
                --enable-libfaac        \
                --enable-libfftw3       \
                --enable-mheg   \

I just cant figure this out as the libmythlivemedia is there and the symbol (with nm) is in the lib.

not sure why others arent getting this. and yes Ive done many distcleans.

I think Im losing it.

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