[mythtv] [ENHANCEMENT REQUEST] Mark watched videos

Christian Fredriksson ille at ludd.ltu.se
Sat May 10 17:31:44 UTC 2008

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 05/10/2008 02:43 AM, Christian Fredriksson wrote:
>> I've put together a patch against 0.21-fixes 
>> http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/5338
>> It's a first step that implements a watched flag in the database and a 
>> "Toggle watched" item under the info button in the diffrent views and in 
>> the video manager. The filter function is updated with this new flag so 
>> you can filter and only present what is not watched.
>> The next step would be make the watched flag toggle as on tv-recordings 
>> and make the flag somehow change the color of a not watched movie.
>> Tha patch is against 0.21-fixes since I need to hold a high WAF and I 
>> only have one mythbox. I will try to get a vmware install where I can 
>> run SVN, and make it against SVN also.
> Wouldn't it make more sense to use a numplays field, as in MythMusic?  I 
> can understand the reasoning behind a boolean in MythTV--generally TV is 
> recorded, watched, then deleted or autoexpired.  However, in MythMusic 
> and MythVideo, people generally keep archived videos they want to keep 
> "forever."  Therefore, it's reasonable to assume that people will watch 
> the shows more than once.
> An int numplays field could be used in a filter as a boolean (i.e. to 
> show never-watched shows) or to sort by most-/least-watched.
> Thanks,
> Mik
Yes, it could be done as number of played times also, but it was easier 
for me to make it a boolean since then the code is almost the same as 
the browse flag in mythvideo.

The new watched field is actually an integer in the database. So it 
would not be to hard to change the behaivor in the future.


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