[mythtv] Compiling of trunk....

Sid Boyce sboyce at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Mar 31 14:53:39 UTC 2008

Jochen Kühner Privat wrote:
> After a "make install" everything works. I think mythtv searches for his
> library headers in the install path's
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> I wanted to test mythtv trunk with qt4, but it Stopps compiling mythfrontend
> for me:
> main.o: In function `CleanupMyOldInUsePrograms()':
> main.cpp:(.text+0xb53): undefined reference to `MSqlQuery::bindValue(QString
> const&, QVariant const&, QFlags<QSql::ParamTypeFlag>)'
> main.cpp:(.text+0xb97): undefined reference to `MSqlQuery::exec()'
> main.o: In function `main':
> main.cpp:(.text+0xd776): undefined reference to
> `MSqlQuery::bindValue(QString const&, QVariant const&,
> QFlags<QSql::ParamTypeFlag>)'

I had the same problem which disappeared when I moved libmyth* out of 
/usr/lib64. It seems it was trying those older libraries. On openSUSE 
11.0 Alpha3, I was able to build mythtv, mythplugins and myththemes, 
generate RPMS's using checkinstall, then rpm upgrade the lot.
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