[mythtv] Internal scaler in 0.21-fixes

Markus Schulz msc at antzsystem.de
Wed Mar 26 16:20:38 UTC 2008

Am Mittwoch, 26. März 2008 16:45 schrieb Chris White:
> Someone else posted about this on the users list, but I thought I'd
> mention it here too. I (and others) are seeing what looks like half-
> resolution playback (jagged diagonal lines, looks like half a field
> is thrown away) in 0.21-fixes using the internal player. This happens
> on TV playback and DVD's and in my case appears even if the source
> material is progressive. Xine playback on DVD's doesn't exhibit the
> problem, so it's not a driver or display issue. I have also forced
> the internal player to progressive in case it was a detection
> problem. I've tried all the different blitters (opengl, xv) and most
> of the deinterlacers and it doesn't seem to make a difference. GUI
> and TV playback size are all native resolution of the display.
> Anyone have any notion what might be going on? I did NOT see this
> behavior on trunk about 2-3 weeks ago.

You are using yadif or greedyh deinterlacers. 
With these both it's currently not possible to view progressive material 
(each frame will be deinterlaced).

See #4513 and my remarks for details and my patch which solves this 
(don't know if this still  can be applied  for 0.21-fixes branch).

Markus Schulz

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