[mythtv] Feature Request - MythWeb - Restore previous Video_URL funtionality

Mark Goldberg marklgoldberg at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 02:10:35 UTC 2008

On March 17, You wrote:

>Go into mythweb TV settings and edit "Download URL override:" to point
>to your local video mount. It should work fine. All I did was remove
>the old myth:// protocol entry because it relied in the dsmyth
>filters, which seems to be a dead project.

Apparently a link to file:// is not allowed by the default
installation of Firefox on Linux or Windows or IE. You get errors

Security Error: Content at http://192.X.Y.Z/mythweb/tv/recorded may
not load or link to file://192.X.Y.Z/video/3121_20080315222800.mpg.

(I've obfuscated the real IP address of my backend but the error
occurs even if I put a bogus ip or hostname there. The error message
has whatever you put in the first instance and the IP of the web
server in the second)

I would assume this is a vulnerabiliy they won't allow.


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