[mythtv] Windows packaging (ticket 4874)

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Mon Mar 17 00:53:32 UTC 2008

> The thought was that providing a relative prefix would allow the  
> executables to look for the libraries, plugins, etc in a relative  
> path. True, but the side affect is that make install "installs" all  
> the binaries in a relative path.

You can work around that by using INSTALL_ROOT. e.g.:

% ./configure --prefix=./plugins

% cd themes

% make install
cp -f "FreeMono.ttf" "plugins/share/mythtv/"

% mkdir /tmp/plugins

% INSTALL_ROOT=/tmp/ make install
cp -f "FreeMono.ttf" "/tmp/plugins/share/mythtv/"

Note: untested under MinGW

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