[mythtv] Adding support for R5000 STB

Alan Nisota alannisota at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 17:12:50 UTC 2008

David George wrote:
> I saw your patch updates for DirecTV and wanted to let you know that I 
> should have a R5000 modified DirecTV receiver soon.  Also wanted to let 
> anyone know before they get too excited the R5000 folks have already 
> looked into the DirecTV MPEG4 receivers and said they cannot be 
> supported.  I am hoping that maybe someday there will be a DirecTV MPEG4 
> receiver that can be supported, but it is a small hope.  Just in case 
> you are wondering all the new HD channels that DirecTV has enabled the 
> last few months are MPEG4 only.  There are a few MPEG2 HD channels, like 
> ABC,NBC,CBS,FOX from NYC and LA, ESPN, ESPN2, TNT and a couple of other 
> older HD channels.
Yeah, while the Dish Network boxes should be able to record all HD for 
the foreseeable future, the DirecTV solution is pretty much end-of-life 
for HD.  Also, I have recently added support for Starchoice and the HDD 
external decoders (supports 4DTV, some C-band, and some cable boxes), so 
my patch should support the majority of R5K capable boxes now.

Please be aware that the code I have has been tested with DirecTV 
streams, but the only box I have available is for Dish Network so the 
code for all other types of boxes is only very lightly tested.  I will 
help as much as I can to get it working for you, but I can't make any 

The biggest issue is likely to be channel-changing, turning the box 
on/off, and starting-stopping streams.  Hopefully these issues won't be 
too hard to resolve if they exist.

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