[mythtv] LAME is mandatory?

Janne Grunau janne-mythtv at grunau.be
Sat Mar 1 18:24:04 UTC 2008

On Saturday 01 March 2008 19:03:49 Colin Guthrie wrote:

[Mandriva patch to make LAME optional]

> I've rediffed the patch and will post it on the ticket shortly. It
> should be enough to make Myth work (albeit without MP3 encoding or
> decoding support in NuppelVideoDecoder

NuppelVideoRecorder is the main class that uses LAME for MP3 encoding. 
Removing LAME will result software capturing and transcoding only 
supporting WAV audio, which makes them imho useless.
> - the original patch was able 
> to use MAD to decode rather than lame but as NVP now uses libavcodec
> rather than lame calls directly, squeezing this back in now is a
> harder task which I'm not really up to right now).
> I guess the ultimate solution would be for ffmpeg to integrate MAD
> decoding and LAME encoding/decoding and make each optional. Perhaps
> it does have multiple MP3 decoders that I don't know about (not spent
> too much time learning) and it only really uses LAME for encoding
> anyway.

libavcodec has a native MP3 decoder.

> I guess a larger problem of whether there are other ffmpeg related
> codecs included by default that I should patch out of the way (or
> make configurable). I did noticed a faad related runtime loading
> option, but seeing as the lame one was basically a lie I should
> investigate this further!

faad is optional and not enabled by default but ffmpeg may have a native 
decoder in a couple of weeks. Disabling codecs or formats should work 
the same way as in ffmpeg. The configure script knows the same options 
but using them is not actively supported.


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