[mythtv] CD/DVD always mounted so eject fails

Paul Bender pebender at san.rr.com
Fri Jun 27 15:15:18 UTC 2008

Robin Gilks wrote:
> Since before Xmas (i.e. before 0.21 was released) I've been trying to work
> out why the rework of the media monitor prevented my use of the eject
> button on the DVD drive.
> I just happened to look at the state of all the NFS mounts tonight and saw
> that the frontend keeps the disk in the mounted state so of course the
> button will NEVER work.
> Manually unmounting doesn't stop anything from working on the frontend and
> it allows the eject button to work again (much better WAF then!!) so the
> question is, why does the media monitor, when it has sussed there is a
> disk in the drive but its not being used (eg sitting at the main menu)
> still keep it mounted?

Some time ago, I found that I could no reliably eject disks from some 
DVD drives using the MythTV eject menu item but I could eject them using 
the 'eject' utility. Since I am using a completely custom distribution 
that I build myself (MiniMyth), I know that there is no other software 
that is keeping the drive from ejecting.

My solution has been to patch the MythTV source code. Now, the code 
calls the 'eject' utility, and falls back to the original MythTV code 
upon failure to find or successfully run the 'eject' utility.

I have not tried without my 'eject' utility patch for some time, so I do 
not know whether or not I is still need it. Since it works, I have had 
little motivation to remove it.

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