[mythtv] Latest 0.21-fixes: mythlcdserver consumes 160MB of memory !?!?!

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Sun Jun 22 08:50:35 UTC 2008

Hi *

How it is possible that mythlcdserver consumes 159M of memory ?
It is tiny thing and fro

Here is TOP output:

7558 7510 minimyth S 772m 82.0 17.6 /usr/bin/mythfrontend -d
7455 7450 root S 159m 16.9 0.5 /usr/bin/X :0.0 vt02 -logverbose 6 
-verbose 6
7573 1 minimyth S 159m 16.9 0.0 /usr/bin/mythlcdserver -v none
7536 1 minimyth S 58404 6.0 0.0 /usr/bin/x11vnc -rc /etc/X11/x11vnc/x11vncrc

Sys is minimyth with myth-0.21-fixes SVN17450.

I checked mem consumption in SVN17166 - it is 54kB.

Funny thing is that SVN17166 & SVN17450 seems to have identical 
mythlcdserver sources, so issue is probably related to myth and ways it 
interact with mytlcdserver.

Can myth dev look into this issue ?

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