[mythtv] Screen not refreshing on win32 mythfrontend

Arnon Meshoulam (arnonm) arnonm at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 20:50:59 UTC 2008

I have been trying to figure out why the menus are not redrawing when
returning to a top menu on mythfrontend on win32 (0.21-fixes)
Symptoms are that if you press ESC the menus are not redrawn until you
toggle to another application and back, then the OS redraws them.
Suprisingly, the clock MythUIClock is drawn

Initially, I fiddled with the mythmainwindow.cpp MythMainWindow::Init and
the flags. WRepaintNoErase has been depreciated, but WNoAutoErase |
WPaintClever don't seem to help, or hurt.

How does MythUIClock differ from the MythUIMenu in its painting flags? Why
is it drawn before the menus and maintained when a menu is changed?

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