[mythtv] Win32 Trunk Build: Keyboard problem

Zaphros Karitiotis zkmyth at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 20:36:08 UTC 2008

I have build the win32 port of mythtv trunk and it seems to have compiled
fine after a minor change (see below).

mythfrontend load and plays video/audio acceptibly. The problem is that I
cannot get the keyboard to respond while the video is playing ( not even

Some of the time it will work for the 1st key press or so and then ignore
any further key presses. It will also respond sometimes when I make the
dos/bash window have focus it seems to trigger the buffer being processed
and all(most/) of the key presses are processed. This makes me think of some
sort of thread priority issue or something similar.

Neither of these is consistent, only that the keyboard will not function is

I have tried all sorts of options, windowed, nowindow, full screen, not full
screen, realtime, not realtime, etc

Anyone encountered this or have some helpful ideas, I do not see any
messages in the console that would be helpful but I can make a log with -v
all,nodatabase if someone thinks it would help.


Useful info:

mythtv trunk: 17419
winxp sp3
P4 2.4 ( only seems to use ~60% cpu when playing SD content)
Intel 865 integrated video

win32-packager.pl change

'./configure --prefix='.$unixbuild.' --runtime-prefix=..'.

'./configure --prefix='.$unixbuild.

there does not appear to be a --runtime-prefix to trunk:17419
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