[mythtv] Multiproto_plus - diseqc problems

Jo Heremans Jo at requestfocus.be
Tue Jul 29 08:33:15 UTC 2008

I've been busy with mythtv and multiproto yesterday.
I am using mythtv-trunk with mythtv_multiproto.5.patch from ticket 5403.

I can confirm there is a problem with diseqc. I hava also vdr on the same
machine, there I can lock on other ports. I tested with port 2,3 without any

If I test with  mythtv I see the command to swith the diseqc to another
port. But the diseqc doesn't switch. I scanned a transponder on Astra 23.5
and saw the channels from Astra 19.2.

Is there anyone with multiproto and a working diseqc configuration in mythtv

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I am currently workin with mythtv_multiproto.5.patch from ticket 5403 with
the same mantis/mythtv version as Jacek.
I have a Skystar hd2 card, connected to a 4port diseqc switch.
Tuning to channels from an other satalite than the default one is not
working with this setup.
With the original 0.21 version and an normal skystar2 tuner card I can tune
to the other satalites.
I ran an "mythbackend -v none,channel" on both mythtv versions and noticed
the following (see attached files).
Both versions are sending the same diseqc commands and are able to tune to
the transponder.
After that, a DVBSignalMonitor is started.
On the original mythtv version this eventualy results in
"DVBSM(2): UpdateValues -- Signal Locked"
On the patched version this message is not shown.

Is there anyone who can give me some pointers about what the problem can be?


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