[mythtv] problems changing channel in live-tv

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Sun Jul 27 12:42:13 UTC 2008

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> (fixed quoted top-posting)
> On 07/26/2008 09:47 AM, Simon Kenyon wrote:
>> myShade wrote:
>>> On Sat, 2008-07-26 at 13:03 +0100, Simon Kenyon wrote:
>>>> i have the following problem:
>>>> if i change channel on a DVB-S card then that works
>>>> however on a channel coming from a STB with a channel changing script; 
>>>> if a press up or down arrow (one of more times - in browse mode) then if 
>>>> i hit enter the chanel changes to one specific channel (101 - the first 
>>>> one for me) and then will not change from that
> ...
>>>> for a long time i used svn #16772 aand did not have this problem
>>>> now i have moved to svn #17923(pretty recent trunk) and have observed 
>>>> this problem
>>> It's most likely the same problem I and more had.
>>> A fellower at the mythtv-users list pointed me in the right way.
>>> There is a ticket and a patch here ->
>>> http://mythtv.org/pipermail/mythtv-users/2008-July/228461.html
>> i have to say that the ticket seems to accurately describe my problem
>> but why has this patch not been applied to head? it was added to trac 
>> over 3 months ago
> Why is someone who's running trunk--and, therefore, reading the -dev and 
> -commits lists, where he must have seen that ticket go through--worried 
> about whether the official repo has a patch applied?  After all, you can 
> just apply those patches you need to your own working copy.
i missed it
> If your first thought is, "I don't have time to keep up with 
> everything," then you should realize that you're not the only one whose 
> time is limited.  The devs are doing what they can with the time they 
> have and will eventually get to that patch.  Until they do, it's up to 
> trunk users to keep up with what they need to make their /unstable/ 
> systems work.
i'm only a poor user
my contributions have been few and far between
i do spend at least an hour a day tinkering with myth

> Remember, too, high-priority for you doesn't necessarily mean 
> high-priority for everyone.  Perhaps devs are more interested in first 
> fixing the basic pieces of functionality that are nonfunctional in /all/ 
> systems rather than just some.  (Things like editable comboboxes, Don't 
> Record or other overrides, and /many/ more.)
i would respectfully suggest that changing channels in live-tv is what 
could reasonably be called "basic functionality"

> If you want stable, don't run trunk.  Here, by "stable," I mean a system 
> that generally works without your having to keep up with all the patches 
> posted to Trac and without your having to test/apply those patches you 
> may need.
i have run trunk for over two years on my production systems

> Just my opinion...
it is indeed
> Anyway, the short answer is, "Time."  There are, after all, 591 open 
> tickets right now.
and some of them are mine :-)
because i do test stuff

i suspect the reason is because most devs don't use live-tv. if they did 
the patch would have been applied

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