[mythtv] problems changing channel in live-tv

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Sat Jul 26 12:13:18 UTC 2008

Simon Kenyon wrote:
> i have the following problem:
> if i change channel on a DVB-S card then that works
> however on a channel coming from a STB with a channel changing script; 
> if a press up or down arrow (one of more times - in browse mode) then if 
> i hit enter the chanel changes to one specific channel (101 - the first 
> one for me) and then will not change from that
> in all cases (DVB-S and STB)  i can change channel by typing the channel 
> number and hitting enter
> so i don't think the channel changing script is in error (it has not 
> changed in over 2 years)
> for a long time i used svn #16772 aand did not have this problem
> now i have moved to svn #17923(pretty recent trunk) and have observed 
> this problem
> anyone got any ideas?
> as i have a workaround i suppose i can live with it - but it would be 
> good to solve this one
> regards
> --
> simon
just noticed entries in my log file which i don't like:

2008-07-26 02:28:02.426 DB Error (change_program):
Query was:
UPDATE program SET starttime = ?,     endtime   = ? WHERE chanid    = ? 
AND       starttime
 = ?
Driver error was [2/1062]:
QMYSQL3: Unable to execute statement
Database error was:
Duplicate entry '55101-2008-07-28 22:00:00-0' for key 1

anyone know what they mean and how i fix it?
it may explain my channel changing problems


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