[mythtv] Is anybody looking at EITFixUp (eitfixup.cpp)

Grackleflint grackleflint at myth.arbler.com
Wed Jul 23 10:50:14 UTC 2008

The Australian DVB-T channel's EIT data needs some hacking to be useful 
for MythTV's EPG so I was hunting around for a way to do this when I 
found eitfixup.cpp.  To be blunt, EITFixUp is a horrible bunch of hard 
coded hacks to get around very specific EIT problems.  It is extremely 
case specific with lot's of duplicated code and general nastiness.

I'm thinking of replacing it with a more generic, table driven system.  
Is/has anybody else looked at this?

 From about an hour's investigation, I think I can replace more than 90% 
of the current EITFixUp code with fairly generic rules. The resulting 
rules will only be a bit easier to create than writing C++ but they will 
be runtime modifiable and far easier to test.

My initial thought is to put in the new system beside the existing 
code.  This will make the transition easy and, once the new system is 
stable and in production, I can port the existing EITFixUp code over to 
it and create any special cases which may be required.

Any comments?

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