[mythtv] Resurrecting MythBrowser after the switch to Qt4

Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Sun Jul 20 19:51:48 UTC 2008

Stuart Morgan wrote:
>> Looks like Mandriva devel cooker does now have Qt4.4 rpms.
> You're right, don't know when they were added but they are there now and I'm 
> installing them now.

 From the changelog:

* Sun May 04 2008 Helio Chissini de Castro 4.4.0-0.1.rc1mdv2009.0


BTW, I'm technically the MythTV packager for Mdv, so feel free to poke 
me. I've not really done much of late as I've been uber busy, but will 
get a new -fixes up and running soon for mdv 2008.1 users.



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