[mythtv] win32-packager.pl experiences (Re: Error running win32-packager.pl)

buzz davidbuzz at gmail.com
Sun Jul 20 02:36:23 UTC 2008

> Is there a category/product I should select for the win32-packager?

I normally use 'win32' as a keyword in new trac entries, but otherwise
just use normal
conventions....just be sure to make it obvoius that you are working on
MS-windows, as most -devs aren't.

> Unfortunately I had to restart the whole deal from scratch as I seem to have
> messed up my MinGW installation somehow. :-(

It was probably unnecessary to "start entirely from scratch", but if
that worked for you, then great!

> I have been able to build the default setup (limited amount off plugins,
> against r17688) with success.

Good news!

> I would love to build some more plugins but I will start a new thread for
> that.

The current plugins have been chosen as the "most likely to succeed"
whn building on Win32.   Trying others will almost definitely give you
issues, but please do try, and let us all know!  :-)

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