[mythtv] Error running win32-packager.pl

Rob van Geloven rob at nightsky.nl
Sat Jul 19 13:01:50 UTC 2008

>> Other than the Freetype issues (which I'll look into), How are the two
>> of you going with building/running mythtv on win32?      All positive
>> feedback is appreciated. :-)
> The script seems to do it's work, although building all requirements 
> takes an awful long time, especially the QT build process takes up 
> hours on end, but there is not much to do about that.
> Unfortunately I had to restart the whole deal from scratch as I seem 
> to have messed up my MinGW installation somehow. :-(
> I have been able to build the default setup (limited amount off 
> plugins, against r17688) with success.
> I would love to build some more plugins but I will start a new thread 
> for that.
> Kind regards,
> Jonathan
The script failed at my side during the QT builld: a regex was not 
found. After removing the QT sources and restarting the script it seems 
to be running fine now.
Is it feasable to pre-compile the QT dll's? Or are there licensing 
issues with that?
Also, the QT problem and the Freetype problem seem to solve themselves 
by removing the sources and trying again, perhaps the un-tarring is not 
working properly?

I just read Jonathan's mail about mythmusic not working (yet) on 
windows. Which is for now reason enough to seriously start considering 
mythbuntu again (I got it for 90% working now) unless the, almost 
mythical if the intertubes are believed, mouse support does not pan out 
for me since I'll be trying to control mythtv via a touchscreen to 
listen to music. Perhaps I'll have to try Elisa again if I don't get it 
to work the way I want (I keep hearing a lot of negative things about 
the music playing part of mythtv, perhaps I could help in that area?)  
I'll keep installing mythtv for windows though, I'm sure any feedback is 
welcome ;)


ps. Thank you for the posting tip Jonathan!

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