[mythtv] Resurrecting MythBrowser after the switch to Qt4

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Thu Jul 17 10:55:25 UTC 2008

Paul Harrison wrote:
> I'm going to start looking at resurrecting MythBrowser and now that 
> WebKit is part of Qt4.4 thats the approach I was going to take.
> Would there be any objections to making Qt4.4 the minimum version 
> required for trunk?
> If there is no problem with that then I'd create a generic mythuitype 
> based on QWebPage that can be used on any  screen. That would be the 
> most useful in the long run but requires the most work and would require 
> Qt4.4 as the minimum.
> The other alternative would be to just require Qt 4.4 for the 
> MythBrowser plugin and use QWebView. That would be by far the easiest 
> approach but would be the least flexible.
> Thoughts?
> Paul H.
i suppose the question is:

what is the intersection of qt4.4 and the next release of myth?
if 4.4 becomes universal (ie. packages are available for all the major 
distros) close to the release of myth then it makes sense to depend on it.
if that is not true then it would be premature to rely on it

i for one would say "go for it"
look how long it has taken to move from qt3 to qt4

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