[mythtv] Help debugging via Valgrind

Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Jul 14 21:51:01 UTC 2008


I've been having a problem with my backend for a while (fnnaaar 
fnraaar!) and wondered if some devs could help me interpret this issue.

My backend ususally uses ~1.4 - 4% of my RAM which is fine. But on 
occasion it jumps to well over 50% and keeps going. Sometimes it will 
ultimately eat up the whole RAM and lock it up (OOM seems to not kick in 
sufficiently for whatever reason).

It doesn't seem to be a leak as valgrind doesn't seem to suggest 
anything major amiss but I'm not really an expert at using valgrind so 
perhaps someone can help with the attached.

I do use UPnP and some errors seem to be reported about that... That 
said my problems happened before I got my PS3 (although UPnP was always 

When running with valgrind, it suddenly jumps to 20% RAM usuage but I 
presume this is normal? I stopped the process that produced the attached 
log when it reached 50% RAM usage. (this is only a 512Meg machine but 
all the same!)

Any thoughts?



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