[mythtv] R5000-HD

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Fri Jul 11 13:06:09 UTC 2008

Thank you Alan, for this wonderful solution, and many thanks to the Myth-dev team as well.  I really hope this works something close to how it seems.

On Thursday 10 July 2008 23:23:13 Alan Nisota wrote:
> Most of these questions are myth-users related.

Ya, as I get things going I'll likely have more dev-oriented questions.

> The R5000 solution is quite expensive.  While I haven't tried it myself, 
> I'd seriously consider an HD-PVR instead as it doesn't tie you to a 
> single provider/STB.  Your support is likely to be better as the number 
> of users will be significantly larger.

Nah.  Open-source for me, thank you.  Debian user for many years.

> > Can commercials indeed be eliminated automatically? 
> I've not had much luck with this on HD material due to mythcommflag not 
> playing nicely with CoreAVC.  I never figured out why that was though.

I wonder whether devs here are aware of this?  Maybe others are recording HD as well, and have seen this issue, or maybe it's a generic refinement that can be made.

> Channel changing is quite slow though.  Surfing channels is painful, but who watches LiveTV anymore?

I've noticed very slow response on Microsoft recorders too, at customer sites. (I am a Dish tech)  I suspect alot of this is USB latency.  I wish firewire had been used instead.

> Dish broadcasts in H264-AVC using PAFF encoding with frame interlacing 

OK, it looks like ffmpeg can only decode H.264.  Haven't started research yet, but hope to find a video card which can do maybe en/decode in hardware (wouldn't that be nice?), but for now will plan lots of horsepower for software en/de/transcode.

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