[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #3523: Aspect change does not work under MacOSX

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Fri Jul 11 12:49:13 UTC 2008

>  Finding myself in the unusual situation of having time to spend on this,
>  I'd like to help. Is there something I could do (testing, programming,

Yup :)

You can find the code that does the aspect ratio and other adjustments
in VideoOutput::MoveResize() in videooutbase.cpp. The code itself is
pretty straight forward. There are two reasons it is not being used by
the OSX video rendering class. 1/ the output is not in matrix form, but
this is relatively easy if tedious to do. 2/ the OSX video rendering
class has several video output windows visible at the the same time,
one for the main screen + supplementary ones for the taskbar and other
purposes, but the videoutbase.cpp MoveResize() function uses instance
variables of the VideoOutput class which assume a single window.

Consequently there are two things to do: 1st -- Move the window
calculations out of VideoOutput, creating a new class that does the
window calculations that you can have multiple copies of. This needs
to work for all the renderers that inherit from VideoOutput so they
would need to be refactored as well. 2nd -- port VideoOutputQuartz
to use this new window calculation class.

It's probably best to submit the patch for the refactoring first so
that the underlying code doesn't change too much while you are working
on the 2nd portion of the problem.

-- Daniel

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