[mythtv] Ticket #4956: Make MythXML's GetProgramGuide return shows inclusively

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Jul 8 21:02:07 UTC 2008

On 07/08/2008 04:24 PM, Chase Douglas wrote:

>  On Jul 8, 2008, at 4:04 PM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> > The issue is that the current behavior isn't really "broken"--it
> > just works a bit differently from how one might expect (and
> > differently from how the Myth protocol works).  I think when David
> > Blain originally wrote the code, he felt it was better for the
> > "server" to trim out the extras for the (possibly
> > low-powered/low-resource) client rather than send excess info
> > (though he agreed in IRC to change it to make it symmetrical with
> > GuideGrid::GetProgramList() ).
> >
> > So, to support the "old" approach, you can use the "summary"
> > version of the listings to get information about a range of times
> > that's larger than the listings to be displayed (i.e. perhaps an
> > hour before and after the displayed times) and, for channels with
> > missing data, go even farther back/forward for that particular
> > channel as necessary to fill in the blanks.  And, if you need
> > details for all shows, you can then use the data from the summary
> > to make the exact request you need on a per-channel basis.
>  Ahhh, this clears up a lot. I now understand what's really going on,
>  and the fix is obvious but when you're in the mindset that you are
>  right and the upstream is wrong sometimes the obvious fix doesn't
>  get a chance to form in the mind...


And, if you're concerned about efficiency, it should be easy enough to 
modify your app to auto-detect whether the "long requests" are required 
by sending a single-channel query with the same starttime and endtime.  
If you get any shows, you'll know the server supports the inclusive 
listings.  I don't know the iPhone SDK, but I'm guessing there's a way 
you could store a setting so you only need to check once (or, if it's 
not the new/inclusive behavior, check once per <timeframe>).

> > Yeah, you're actually doing things the right way.  Unfortunately,
> > you just happen to be pretty much the first person to do it the
> > right way, so you get to experience the growing pains as the XML
> > interface catches up with "the real world."
>  Good to know.

Oh, I should probably also mention that I'm not a dev, so all my 
guessing about whether it will be committed to -fixes, etc., may mean 
nothing.  If nothing else, I hope I've given you a workable approach for 
your July 11 deadline.

BTW, thanks for the work you're doing.  I'm sure many users with iPhones 
will be very happy to see the app.


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