[mythtv] podcast question

Kawayanan kawayanan at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 13:41:12 UTC 2008

I think I will go ahead and try to do a little work on this.  I don't think
I would be able to easily get podcasts to show up with normal recordings,
but having them show up in MythMusic and MythVideo isn't hard.  This would
mean that they would not be expired, but I think I can make them obey a
maximum episode limit.  One problem will be getting the new podcasts scanned
so that they show up (without having to manually scan for new files).  It
sound like there isn't a command line way of doing this, so I guess I'll
have to look at what gets executed when you do the manual scan and see if I
can somehow use that.

I use a directory view in MythMusic, so just having podcasts in a separate
directory works fine for me.  For someone who uses a different view, whether
it worked well would depend on how the podcast producer tagged their files
(which may be a crapshoot).  It might be nicer to be able to have a view
that is like MythMusic, but only for podcasts (so they are not mixed in with
the music).  That would be harder though I think and would require copying
or duplicating MythMusic functionality.  For now I don't plan on messing
with that.  If someone has a better idea on how to work this (or more
experience with MythMusic and MythVideo), feel free to speak up.

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