[mythtv] mysql 5 bug affecting mythtv

Dan Wilga mythtv-dev2 at dwilga-linux1.amherst.edu
Thu Jan 31 14:23:02 UTC 2008

At 2:09 PM -0800 1/30/08, Rob Smith wrote:
>As for the mysql binary logs, that's done because mysql recommends and
>defaults to having binlogs enabled. I personally think not having
>binlogs is encouraging a foot shooting.

IMHO, the only reason you would want to turn binary logs on is if you 
are intending to use the replication or cluster features of MySQL. 
Otherwise, all you're doing is eating up lots of disk space and a 
non-trivial amount of CPU cycles.

There is little benefit in keeping binlogs as a form of backup, 
because on a busy system it would be very difficult to figure out 
exactly where to start playing them back in order to recreate a 
working system. They would have to be exactly synchronized with the 
most recent file-based (mysqlhotcopy or equivalent) backup.
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