[mythtv] Thanks for multi-rec

David Backeberg dbackeberg at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 19:38:53 UTC 2008

> If disk sizes keep growing at the current rate then I reckon we're only a
> few years away from a state where hundreds of terabytes is the norm, and
> once you reach that level then its going to start to make sense to record
> everything all the time. With 250Tb of storage and 7Gb/hour* - you could
> keep a rolling 100days for 15 channels. The idea of individually scheduling
> recordings for specific programs, or even specific types of programs will
> start to become a rarity and largely unnecessary (like doing a manual record
> now). Of course 15 channels isn't that many but most people will be happy if
> they can watch anything in the last month. If they want to keep a particular
> program (or series) there'll be a button to press while you're watching it.
> Maybe rather than use the suggestion algorithms to record stuff you'll like
> it'll use them to choose what not to delete beyond your "keep everything"
> date.
> In the same way I now feel frustrated when I go to my parents and can't
> pause or rewind live TV, people will find it odd that you can't just decide
> to watch that documentary that was on last thursday that the guy at work
> mentioned today.
> (*I'm assuming HD will stick around for a few years at least before giving
> way to something more storage-intensive.)
> --
> Paul Mason

Of course in a world where commodity storage of that scope is in the
hands of mere mortals, you would also be seeing a far greater supply
of on-demand programming, rather than the current world of
gazillion-channel broadcast. In an increasingly fragmented media
environment it makes more sense to do something akin to podcasting
your program once a week,opposed to showing your program at a
particular timeslot on a particular channel and praying somebody
timeshifts it and watches it later. Going podcast also gives your
advertisers more exact numbers on how many people seek and pull your
program, rather than the guesses of Arbitron.

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