[mythtv] mythui

Bert Haverkamp bert at bertenselena.net
Mon Jan 28 19:49:49 UTC 2008

Hello all,

I need a bit of help getting started with mythui.
As I wrote last week, I am creating a few mythtutorial plugins.
I would like to use libmythui for this, as this is what should be used for
future plugins, right?

Could someone guide me to some code examples? Either I am looking in
the wrong direction or I'm missing it completely.
I downloaded svn mythtv and mythplugins last week (rev 15536) and
searched for mythui*. In the plugins dir, I couldn't find any
reference to mythui, (other than mythuitheme.)
Which plugin is already ported to libmythui? Would that help me?

In mythtv I found the program/mythuitest directory. The test-programs
here however don't use an xml file for the ui.

All help is appreciated.


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