[mythtv] Ticket #4497: Win32 builds broken after r15435

Jay Modi jaymode at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 00:56:30 UTC 2008

> Jay,
> my initial compile issue manifested by using the win32- script, but I did
> the divide-and-conquer compiliations in msys with the same results.   It
> shouldn't make any difference (and didn't to me), becuase the win32-packager
> script actually executes the shell commands in a msys bash shell, so it's
> the same basic setup either way.

Ok well I think I may have figured it out. In the configure step can you
take out --cpu=k8 and then retry? That seems to be what is causing the
issues for me. I think this flag should not be in the script because not
everyone is running an AMD processor. I am using an Intel Pentium M and a
Pentium D.

> FYI - there are still some minor tweeks needed with the win32-packager
> script, so be warned that a "from scratch" setup isn't entirely hands-off
> just yet, but it's not doing anything wrong AFAIK, it just "drops out" when
> it can't figure out what to do next, which I believe is the right thing to
> do.

I agree that it should drop out when something unexpected happens.
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