[mythtv] Many Myth Patches....

Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Sun Jan 20 16:30:42 UTC 2008

Johan van der kolk wrote:
> This is not the attitude that the developer of vdr has, and is one of the
> strong points of vdr. If mythtv (read its developers) is intending to stay
> where it is right now, I would suggest that you consider also these types of
> "patches", even if only to see if these guys were smarter in some area's
> then the "official" coders.
> They know that many of the things they developed would only be considered
> feature requests, and most likely don’t have the patience to wait. It does
> not make them dubious or less skilled. Although they could have sent their
> "patches" up to the trac, so all users could benefit and not only those
> subscribed to that forum.

I think you're reading too much into Justin's comment. I'm sure the word
dubious was just a throw-away comment and wasn't intended to be a
reflection of the quality or applicability of the patches themselves.




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