[mythtv] Status Question: Is current SVN useable?

Reza Naima reza at reza.net
Fri Jan 18 10:19:01 UTC 2008

It's been forever since the last real release of mythtv (other than for
adding schedules direct support), and thing have been breaking in MythTV
that have not been address (from my understaning).  For example,

It seems like there's a lot of work underway for the next release, but
I'm getting a bit anxious, and my friends vista/media center looks
really nice.  So my question is :

- is the current svn stable enough to use now?  
- if not, how long till it will be, or how long till the next major
  release (guesstimation)
- are there any killer features comming down the pipeline?

I basically need to decide if I'm going to stay with mythtv or jump
ship.  I've been using MythtTV forever (5+ years), and have been happy,
but it just seems that media center has caught up, and with their
plugins (commercial-skip, real-time streaming ala slingbox,
web-interface), support for Amazon's unbox, and the slated support for
the HDPC-20 make me really question staying with MythTV...


p.s. please CC me directly if possible.

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