[mythtv] New UI lib

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Wed Jan 16 03:21:56 UTC 2008

Hey, I'm going to be in Mountain View on Saturday to talk with Pluto +
KDE devs about extending KDE's libplasma so it is usable as an OSD
renderer and all around sexy UI library. Pluto is contemplating writing
a multimedia authoring program akin to Adobe's flash multimedia
authoring program to use with libplasma + a GPLed UI library built on
top of it. The idea is to create something that mplayer, MythTV, freevo,
etc. could use to take care of compositing and v-sync on various

See: http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/UI3
(Basically a writeup of a discussion I had with Aaron Seigo of TrollTech
 and Aaron Baalbergen of Pluto, transformed into business speak.)

Anyway, if your in or near Mountain View and have done any graphics
programming for MythTV or are a graphics designer, with flash authoring
experience or MythTV theming experience, and would like to attend (or
just want more info) please contact me.

If you are near Mountain View and have no relevant experience, I'm keen
on meeting any other MythTV developers in the flesh too. :)

-- Daniel

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