[mythtv] DataDirectProcessor::FixProgramIDs oddity

f-myth-users at media.mit.edu f-myth-users at media.mit.edu
Wed Jan 9 22:56:18 UTC 2008

I'm taking a careful look at this in datadirect.cpp in 0.20.2.
It seems that it's designed to take old programid's of the form
EPnnnnnnnnnn and turn them into EP00nnnnnnnnnn.  Yet wouldn't it
have made more sense to have turned them into EPnnnnnnnnnn00

This seems to guarantee a mismatch (and redundant recording) of any
show that was recorded before the DD->SD transition, -iff- the
programid went from EPnnnnnnnn00 to EPnnnnnnnnnn00, because the entry
will have become EP00nnnnnnnnnn instead.  OTOH, I'm not sure if this
is an issue, because (a) I'm not sure if programid is -ever- used in
making a scheduling decision, (b) I'm not sure if any programid for a
real episode of a series can end in 0 (e.g., do they start counting
from 1, or from 0? my spot-checks indicate 1-origin, but I have no
idea if that's a repinvariant), and (c) perhaps this was done to
guarantee a possibly-redundant recording instead of missing one
(if a & b above are true).

Since my automation remembers what's in oldrecorded and uses that
information, I noticed [it will mean all my pre-transition recordings
will have very peculiar-looking programid's compared to the new ones],
so I'm wondering what the rationale was here.


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