[mythtv] mythvideo DB enhancement

Stuart Auchterlonie stuarta at squashedfrog.net
Wed Jan 9 13:58:38 UTC 2008

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 01/06/2008 03:31 PM, George Nassas wrote:
>> On 6-Jan-08, at 1:59 PM, Chris Pinkham wrote:
>> [ talking about storage groups ]
>>>> what about icons 
>>> That was one of the things I was thinking when I created them.  Right
>>> now the backend can stream any file that is located in a Storage Group,
>>> so part of the work to allow mythvideo and mythmusic to play remote
>>> files is already done. 
>> I was already leaning towards using a storage group for icons (can't 
>> remember why I thought the idea was dumb) but this seals the deal. 
> Don't know how others feel on this topic, but I was considering writing 
> a patch that allows the user to create a specially-named Storage Group 
> (i.e. "Previews" or "Thumbnails" or whatever--translated only for 
> display) that, if defined, is used for storage of all 
> mythfrontend/MythWeb/UPnP recording preview pixmaps.  If the special 
> Storage Group is not defined, the previews will continue to be stored in 
> the same Storage Group directory as the recording file.

or just drop them in a subdirectory relative to the recordings.

/myth/rec        <- recordings
/myth/rec/thumbs <- thumbnails

Is that a bit cleaner?
Or is there some SG functionality that we are trying to leverage?


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