[mythtv] Funky 720p playback

Kevin Hill khill at vnetwork.com
Fri Feb 29 20:52:34 UTC 2008

Keith Cremer wrote:

> I record from both QAM and OTA with the HDHomeRun.  ABC never works  
> now for full HD shows from either source.  Jimmy Kimmel records, as  
> its just SD in an HD letterbox.  As far as history goes : the first  
> program I had problems with was Desperate Housewives starting last  
> January, but my other HD shows on ABC continued working (Lost, Ugly  
> Betty).  When the fall season started, Ugly Betty stopped recording  
> correctly.  Now that Lost has restarted, it is also broken.  In fact,  
> this week's Lost caused my mythbackend to die a minute or two in.
> Very frustrating.  I'm in Houston, TX, with QAM from Comcast.

Just to add another couple datapoints, I noticed the same symptoms with 
ABC in Chicago recording HD shows off QAM (comcast) with a Kworld 
ATSC110, and a friend at work saw the same thing with the same card via 


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