[mythtv] Where is the player source located ...

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 16:47:14 UTC 2008


I am looking to do some modifications on the mythtv code.

Let me explain:
I have been trying to get to watch IPTV that my ISP broadcast for
nearly a month now. My Internet provider uses IGMP/UDP broadcast to
stream MPEG2TS.

With the latest 0.20.2 branch , I can not even receive the mpeg
stream. When tuning to the channel all I get is a black screen.

With svn r14618, I can watch the stream, however the quality is poor:
plenty of big pixels, similar to what a DVB-T video would be if the
antenna signal was borderline. Recording the mpeg2 stream shows that
the stream itself isn't received properly as no matter the player used
(vlc, mplayer) it exhibits the same problem.

With  any trunk version I've tried since mid-January, I can also watch
the stream. However, the videos cuts a lot, sound isn't in sync with
the video etc.
When recording the mpeg2 stream, I found that the stream is actually
properly received, but this time it's the player that is broken. I
filed a bug on this matter:
the MythTV build-in player in late version will not properly play some
content, often will even crash.

As such, not wanting to review all the history to find out when the
streaming started to work properly and when the video player became
broken I thought it would be simpler to use the build-in player of a
version I know work, and merge it in the latest trunk.

Not knowing how the mythtv source code is organised, I was hoping that
someone could tell me if the player is well isolated and where it is

I'm hoping the task won't be too difficult.

Thank you

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