[mythtv] MythSqueezeBox Plugin

George Galt george.galt at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 21:50:30 UTC 2008


This is my first -- and I must admit, rather rudimentary -- attempt at
a plugin for MythTV.  I've enjoyed using the system for a number of
years (since 0.11 or 0.12) and I thought it was time to give something
back.  I've heard calls over the years for a plugin that would act as
a client for the SlimServer / SqueezeCenter server and since I had
written a client in C++/QT thought this might be something to try.

This works -- barely.  I'm posting here rather than on the user group
because I'm not so sure I want users exposed yet to something that is
in such an early stage of development.  I hope this isn't

It currently does not have any integration into the "setup" portion of
Myth, using a text file instead to grab settings; and the most obvious
shortcoming is my ability to create (and general lack of understanding
of) the ui-xml files (is there a way to center a blackhole??).  Help
in either one of these areas would be wonderful.  I've outlined a few
of the many shortcomings in the README file.  I'd like any help I can
get at making this a better plugin.

Files can be found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/mythsqueezebox/

Thanks in advance for any help, and thanks for many years of MythTV.


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