[mythtv] Patch to autodetect 4:3 Zoom aspect ratio

aaron memoryguy at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 14:09:49 UTC 2008

On 2/25/08, Mårten Bohlin <mabo at mochc.net> wrote:
> Hi!
> I have now updated my patch to the release-0-21-fixes branch (svn
> revision: 16236). It now switches between automatically between the
> fill modes "Full" and "Off".
> If this patch is a candidate to go into a future release I could make
> it possible to turn the auto detection on and off from the playback
> settings.


I gave this a whirl last night on SVN trunk (which I think would be
close enough to 0-21-fixes) and I think it said it applied cleanly,
but when I watch a recording it doesn't do anything. Have I forgotten
to do some extra step? I was under the impression it should be enabled
by default?

I did see that there is a new, selected, option in the Adjust Fill
menu, "Autodetect", so I assume at least part of the patch worked ;-)

I didn't get to play with it much last night because it was late and I
needed to get to bed. I'll try to play again tonight.

My source is only analog cable, which I believe is always broadcast in
4:3. Thus, I get pillarboxing all the time (bars on the sides) on my
widescreen TV. Sometimes shows are letterboxed, which is embedded in
the broadcast. That's where the Fill mode is useful. As I understand,
your patch should detect these shows and adjust the Fill Mode setting
automatically. Am I right?

I saw that the patch has some "playback" verbose logging, so I'll try
turning that on and see what it says.

I also noticed that at least some shows have the station logo
overlapping the black bars. I wonder if that could be what's throwing
off the detector?

In any case, this patch looks promising, and is certainly a nifty
little feature I'd love to have :)


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