[mythtv] MythMusic Development

Steven O'Day stevenoday at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Feb 26 12:20:39 UTC 2008

Hi All,

Although I have been using open source software for a while now, I feel it
is time I try to get involved and help out. 

I have already added a new module to mythweb for myself to use. The modules
is used to convert playlist m3u file into a myth playlist by inserting the
details into the website. First of all I would like some advise on where I
can supply the files so others can try it out and see if at the early stage
it is worth while me working to improve and add extra features (like using
itunes playlists) so that it can be used by others or is it just something
that I will find useful.

My second request/question is for some details about mythmusic. MythMusic is
the main plugin I want Myth for, the movies, games and tv etc will be handy
for myself but I think that Myth requires work on MythMusic to really get it
improve it. I have some ideas I'd like to work on.

1)A new interface I have a design I think would work drawn out, similar to
Itunes but different enough that it will work on the tv with lower res.

2)I would like a better playlist editor in Myth and way of adding songs to
current playlist (possibly with some sort of external playlist editor in
myth web at some time in the future)

3)A way to select playlists from different frontends to play.

I know most of these have probably been requested before but these are the 3
that I think are important to me.

Rather than just giving a list and begging for someone to fix it I would
like to get my hands dirty and try and update the code for these fixes. I
know it will probably take me a while to get up to speed with C++ I know a
little C and I am quite good at Java and can pick up languages quickly as I
get started working with them, especially by reading code. So don't expect
to be able to submit anything to the project quickly.

So after all that...What I am really asking is if anyone can point me in the
right direction for coding the plugins. I have checked the wiki and it is
pretty sparce with documentation on how the parts and designed. I have
looked at the source code for mythmusic quickly and I am struggling to
understand how all the files, functions and procedures link together. I can
see things like the music-ui.xml file but get confused with the contents. So
struggle to understand how to redesign the UI.

So can someone point me to somewhere I can get documentation on designs and
implementation for mythmusic and any general hints on getting involved?

Sorry about the long mail.


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